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tennia williams

licensed hair/makeup artist

Tennia is the creative force behind, and owner of Chicago's ten shades salon. The salon was born out of Tennia's ceaseless passion for an artistic approach to hair design and make up application unforeseen until now. For her clients she executes with precision and develops personalized styles which always compliment each clients natural features and nature given beauty. To sit in Tennia's chair is to be treated to a one of a kind experience. A experience in which her eyes are her hands, and her hands reshape the beauty of your soul.


To see Tennia work is to watch her in many modes: she is an educator and beauty adviser with over a decade of experience. With advance professional training from Pivot Point International and Tricoci University. However, Tennia 's academic accomplishments, although laudable, are only a small part of how she executes within her chosen industry. She is also an artist whose chosen palette and medium is hair, skin and unleashing the positive energy that is within you. Her expertise in hair sculpture, makeovers, hair extensions, and advance color continues to win her both domestic and international clients. Tennia's work ethic and ingenuity is peerless. Her many clients return because in returning they are reconnecting with the invigorating energy that is Tennia reciprocity personified.


Although Tennia enjoys working in the salon she will not be pigeonholed as just a hair stylist and makeup artist. She is also an adept stylist in the field of editorial and fashion and brings a keen eye to fashion editing. Over the years she has worked on countless models, actors, and social glitterati. Many women and men trust in her to deliver the best for a myriad of events. Time and time again clients count on her to create the ideal presentation for many occasions and without fail Tennia has always delivered.


Tennia is waiting to bring out, not only the very best you, but to elevate your soulful beauty to a higher plane. The beauty you never realized you possessed is waiting. Make an appointment today.

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"Very professional, perfection at its best! "